Expect practical and business-friendly advice from a Plug + Play Counsel

We use our vast experience in global business and tech to hit the ground running and address legal issues without slowing down your progress.

Plug and Play can either serve as your legal team if a full time in-house counsel is not in your budget or it can supplement an over-extended legal team by taking on special projects and overflow work.

Plug + Play Counsel

Expert legal advice

With over 12 years of in-house experience in the tech industry, Anahita is dedicated to facilitating her clients' strategic and commercial transactions. She is proud to be trusted by a wide range of clients, from start-ups to established private companies, non-profits, and publicly-traded companies. She provides practical and effective solutions by combining her legal expertise with a deep understanding of technology.

Expert legal advice

The right counsel, at the right time

Your legal needs may vary depending on seasonality and fiscal timelines. Our availability can grow and constrict based on your needs.

<span>The right counsel, at the right time</span>

Navigate legal complexities

We can provide legal support on a wide range of business issues:

  • Draft contract templates, online terms and conditions, privacy policies, data processing agreements, and any other required agreements

  • Review and negotiate contracts for sale of your unique product and/or purchase of hardware and software for your operations after developing a keen understanding of your needs and goals

  • Advise on litigation-avoidant strategies to avoid lawsuits and penalties that can slow down your progress

Navigate legal complexities

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